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WWB Mixed Doubles Match: Antoinette Marie Williams & Joe Russell v. Terese Flynn & Peter Wisniewski

Come watch the Women’s World of Backgammon (WWB) Mixed Doubles Round 2 match between Antoinette-Marie Williams and Joe Russell playing Terese Flynn and Peter Wisniewski. Both teams played World Class 5 PRs! Antoinette and Joe narrowly won the match, but Terese and Peter pulled off a better Performance Rating. Listening to players discuss their decisions and rationale is a great learning experience. You’ll also appreciate how respectfully partners listen to each other and the input/contribution each partner makes to their joint playing decisions.


Joe Russell is Vice President of the World Backgammon Federation, a Backgammon World Champion, American Backgammon Hall of Fame honoree, and Giant of Backgammon.

Antoinette-Marie Williams won the Ladies Event at the Backgammon World Championship and the 2017 Texas State Championship.

Peter Wisniewski is a Championship player from the UK, now living in the San Francisco Bay Area, has placed in numerous American Backgammon Tour and American Backgammon Tour Online events as well as USBGF Online Tournament Series.

Terese Flynn is relatively new to competitive backgammon, but committed to improvement and enjoying the great game we all love.

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