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"My vision for Women's World of Backgammon is that when I go to compete at the top tournaments, I see women at every table."                                             

   -Karen Davis, co-founder, Women's World of Backgammon

It will take a village. We know that. We believe that women and those providing services and support for women will join the circle of support for women competing at the backgammon tables. 

What can you do? 

Join the Inner Circle

Contribute your time, financial support, and/or a commitment to participate; mentoring, cheering, outreach to those in your posse that might be interested in joining us, and just showing up. 

Inner Circle Individual Members 

Jason Briggs, Maine and Palm Beach

Carol Joy Cole, Flint Michigan

Judith Cooley, Palm Beach  

Karen Davis, Founder, Ft. Lauderdale

Mike Gibbons, Maine & Palm Beach

Mary Jean Gulden, Palm Beach 

Ann Hokanson, Palm Beach

Candace Mayeron, Los Angeles

Christine Merser, Founder, Maine & Palm Beach

Kate Scalamandre, Sunny Isles, FL 

Phyllis Shapiro, Tel Mond, Israel

Inner Circle Corporate Sponsors 

Blue Shoe Content

Sue Baxter, FM Home Loans

Backgammon Books from Road Kill Books

Flint Backgammon a la Carte

Gammon Press

Inner Circle Backgammon Groups 

Flint Area Backgammon Club

Sunny Florida Backgammon

Los Angeles Backgammon

New Zealand Backgammon

Become part of the Inner Circle and receive...

• monthly updates through our newsletter

• invites to circle events & tournaments

Plus, attend our monthly zoom call to learn about our progress and give us input!

and be part of change for women and backgammon.

 Please email us if you're interested in joining us. 


Be Bold!

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