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While nothing compares to in-person play, playing online matches are a great way to keep practicing your game,

whether you're a beginner or a grandmaster. If you're new to the game or just considering learning to play, this article is a great place to start. We've compiled the top-performing online servers where players at all levels from all over the globe gather to player. Play a friend or challenge a complete stranger! 

If you participate in any online (or in-person) games or tournaments, fill out this form and we will add them to our ever-growing database of tournaments and events open to players of all levels. 

Reach out to us with any questions.

Online Resources for
Women's World of Backgammon

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Women's World of Backgammon
Video Library

Women in Backgammon hosts a Monthly Expertise Learning series featuring top players participating in learning matches, women and mixed doubles tournaments, match analysis sessions, and more. Following each event we add the videos to our extensive YouTube video library where you can watch the videos and learn for your own game, on your own time. 


Backgammon Galaxy

Backgammon Galaxy is the largest free online server with over 20,000 players and dozens of invitations to play matches at all times of the day and night, with players from all over the world at various levels. Backgammon Galaxy automatically generates an eXtreme Gammon analysis file of match to review after the match. You can review these matches on your own or with your teacher or fellow player. 


Backgammon Studio Heroes

Playing on Backgammon Studio Heroes is free, although we recommend upgrading to a premium membership with modest dues for playing longer matches. This is a great platform for playing tournaments online and is used by World Backgammon Internet Federation and many clubs around the world. Heroes sends players and tournament directors eXtreme Gammon analysis file after match to review live or at a later date. 



GridGammon is a free server but requires membership referral. GridGammon is used by many top players.  No clock.


Backgammon Coaching 

 Zdenek Zizka, one the of the world's youngest Grandmasters, is now offering lessons with his own coaching service. You can also get great tips right from his Instagram page

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