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Online Tournaments


Part of Women's World of Backgammon's mission is to make events, especially those featuring women players, available to the public at large. In addition to putting on events, Women's World of Backgammon supports other backgammon organizations efforts to put on and stream events. Many of these events include commentary from top backgammon players around the world.

Backgammon Tournament Intermediate Round 3 w/ Match Analysis from Zdenek "ZZ" Zizka

Mixed Doubles Tournament Round 2  Intermediate Match Analysis with Grandmaster Zdeněk "ZZ" Žižka

Backgammon Tournament Round 1 Intermediate w/ Match Analysis from Zdenek "ZZ" Zizka

Backgammon Tournament Championship- Karen Davis & Kent Goulding vs. Kate Elmore and Tal Seigmann

Backgammon Tournament Championship- Roberto & Irina Litzenberger vs. Marianne Bowen & Steve Sax

Backgammon Tournament Championship- Victoria Fung & Ben Friesen vs Antoinette Williams & Joe Russell

Backgammon Tournament Intermediate - Filipa Andrade & Lukas Zajac vs Yvonne Dalpay & Richard Battin

Backgammon Tournament Intermediate - Lisa Speer & Ramsey Speer vs Phyllis Shapiro & Steven Waller

The U.S. Online World Women's Championship Final Round with Irina Litzenberger & Mary Morse

U.S. Online Championship Semi-final
Karen Davis & Mary Morse

U.S. Online Championship
Irina Litzenberger vs. Kara Schultz

U.S. Online Championship
with Maral Tahori & Maya Peycheva

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