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The Goal? Increasing Women's Tournament Play Turnout!​

A little history...

Central to our mission to bring more women to the competitive backgammon tables, is supporting women when they step up to compete, both with designated prize money, as well as support before, during and after the tournaments, ensuring that we can compete with competence and confidence.  

What have we learned about women and tournament play? 

  • Less than one-fifth of tournament entries are from women;

  • Women have often experienced discomfort with competing, being alone or not comfortable walking into a man-cave; getting through the door the first time might be easier if they knew other women and knew what to expect; 

  • Women are less likely to have the funds to travel and enter tournaments; added prize money and scholarships will help defray the cost.

Join one of our virtual events... 

WWB hosts events like the annual Mixed Doubles Tournament (2024 Tournament TBA) and monthly teaching events and matches. Keep up-to-date on all of our offerings on our events page.


Our initial solutions...

We have slated five tournaments in the USBGF's roster to support with awards and support. Each will be supported with the following protocols and awards:

  • $500 in prize money for each of the tournaments we are sponsoring;

  • An introduction, when requested, to pair up with other competing women (we will introduce you) so you have a female mentor to walk you through the particulars. Thinking of entering any tournament and would like a 'friend' intro to help you navigate the tournament? Email us here.

  • A table at special awards dinners or get togethers specifically for women players, hosted by

  • Women's World of Backgammon to provide introductions and camaraderie during the tournament;

  • Support through our social media network of women during the tournament; and 

  • Scholarships (when available) for assisting in entry fees, transportation, and housing during the tournaments. Email us with any questions you have regarding scholarships.  

Want to be a sponsor?

We need more support to be able to provide more support.  We are entertaining corporate and individual support for each tournament, or the entire series. We know that women can support women and enjoy watching the fruits of their investment. More to follow here shortly, but if you would like to support us, please get in touch

WWB Tournament Support

Lili Iravani & Laura Granger
IMG_7262 (1).JPG
Elena Gromenkova-Maria Bonte in semi-final of Ladies Event in Cyprus 2021.jpg
Melanie Hughes with WIB board Sunny Florida 2022 IMG_8315.JPG
Lisa Speer Karen Davis with Women's Championship trophies SF 2022 IMG_8307.JPG
Lynn Ehrlich Sunny Florida 2022 IMG_8206.JPG
Carol Joy Cole NY Metro 2023 IMG_8434.JPG
Carol Joy Cole and Christina Elias.jpg
Karen Davis-Maral Tahori-Arda Findigoglud IMG_8321.JPG

Tournaments WWB Supports

New York Metropolitan Open

January 3-7, 2024

Director - Lynn Ehrlich

The largest tournament on the American Backgammon Tour; attracts players from all over the world

Cherry Blossom Backgammon Championship

2024 Dates TBA

Director - Ben Friesen

Beautiful time in nation’s capital; $5000 added money in U.S. Backgammon Federation National Championship event.

$250 added money for women going furthest in ABT Championship, Advanced, Intermediate, and Novice divisions.

Palm Beach Women's Classic 
Sponsored by
Women's World of Backgammon

2024 Dates TBA

 Director - Karen Davis

A gathering of women backgammon players in South Florida to play the game we all love and have a chance to get to know each other.

Michigan Summer Championship

2024 Dates TBA

Director - Carol Joy Cole

Fireworks go off at the oldest tournament on the tour directed by beloved director

Carol Joy Cole

Sunny Florida Championship

August 16 - 20, 2023

Director - Karen Davis

Relax at the pool or take a dip in the ocean across the street from the

fabulous W Hotel in Fort Lauderdale

Additional Tournament Events 

When possible, Women's World of Backgammon will be hosting events such as tables at awards dinners or cocktail hours during tournaments, giving female players a chance to meet, catch up, and talk all things backgammon and otherwise! 

Are you attending any of the tournaments we are supporting and would like to make sure you get invited to our gatherings there, email us and let us know you which tournaments are attending.

Christine Merser, Irina Litzenberger, Eva Žižková, TeriSue Harmon, April Mesich
Palm Beach Women's Classic May 1-2022 IMG_3717 (2).JPG
Karen Davis-Lee Genud exhibition match April 30-2022 IMG_3684 (1).JPG
Katie Scalamandre with trophy May 1-2022 IMG_3736 (2).JPG
Women in Backgammon breakfast Sunny Florida 2022 IMG_8273.JPG

Types of entries


 Tournament Étiquette


Tournament protocol 


Our Mission

Be part of the movement to parity for women in backgammon.

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