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Women in Backgammon Prize Money in Sunny Florida Tournament

We are delighted to announce that the Women in Backgammon organization is providing $1000 in Women's Achievement in Backgammon Awards for women playing and going the furthest in their division at the Sunny Florida Backgammon Championship -- $250 each to the leading women in the ABT Championship division, ABT Advanced division, ABT Intermediate division, and the Social Division on October 9-10 at the W Hotel in Fort Lauderdale. Details on the tournament and schedule are available on the tournament website.

Please plan to come and play -- and help us spread the word to women who might be interested! Today fewer than a fifth of competitive backgammon players are wom

en. The more people who play the game we love -- both men and women -- the better for the game and the backgammon community.

Women In Backgammon was recently founded by women players and directors who want to promote women having a prominent place at the competitive tables. Please follow our website and social media to learn more -- Women in Backgammon Facebook and Instagram

It is our intention to augment a number of upcoming tournaments in the coming months. Be sure and check back for more information.

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