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Highlights of the BMAB

It doesn’t matter whether you are an advanced, intermediate or beginner player - you do not want to miss this hour of going through moves made by some of the finest women’s players in the world during the Atlanta BMAB event recently. Karen Davis, Irina Litzenberger and Melanie Hughes laid bare their thinking of some moves that were … well, not to eXtreme Gammon’s liking. It triggered lots of discussion and incredible learning opportunities about approach during a match, and risk/reward quotients.

Click here or below to watch.

Roberto Litzenberger selected some of the difficult decisions from the Atlanta Backgammon Masters Awarding Body (BMAB) event and asked Karen Davis, Melanie Hughes, and Irina Litzenberger to describe what were the main considerations that influenced their choices – right or wrong! Come watch as they share their thinking process at a WWB Zoom session on Tuesday April 30 as well as commentary by Roberto and grandmasters Marty Storer and Kit Woolsey. 

Roberto Litzenberger is director of the new Players Cup which creates a tour of a dozen BMAB-USA events in 2024. Women’s World of Backgammon awards crystal bowls to the women with the most wins at the Atlanta, Cherry Blossom, Michigan, and Denver BMAB events, and a crystal vase to the woman with the most wins across the dozen events in the Players Cup tour. 

Irina Litzenberger won the crystal bowl for her 4-1 win-loss performance in Atlanta. Karen Davis had the best Performance Record for a woman in Atlanta with a 5.75 average.

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