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Snarheim & Husum Make History at 16th German Championship

Backgammon-loving couples are making history not just as winning doubles partners but also excelling in their own divisional events. At the 16th German Backgammon Championship, May 17-20, 2024, the Norwegian couple Dagfinn Snarheim and Marianne Husum were the first couple to win both the Championship division and the Intermediate division. Katalin Veszeli (Hungary) also gave Dagfinn a strong challenge, finishing 2nd in the Championship division of the German Championship.


Both Dagfinn and Marianne have had considerable success in the past two years. Dagfinn captured international attention in 2023 when he finished tied with Dirk Schiemann (Germany) for third in the Ultimate Backgammon Contender tournament in Istanbul, with Mochy Mochizuki 1st and Zdenek Zizka 2nd. Dagfinn is a BMAB Grandmaster, Class 1, and a Giant of Backgammon.


Marianne has also had an impressive record performance in the last two years. In addition to winning the Intermediate division at the recent German Championship, she has placed in the Advanced division of the 2024 Nordic Open (4th/5th), the 2023 Gibraltar Open (2nd), the 2023 North Cyprus Arkin tournament (1st Last Chance), and the 2023 Skopje Speedgammon event (2nd). She has also entered and won or placed in women's only events at the 2023 Nordic (3rd), the 2023 North Cyprus Arkin (1st), and the 2023 Skopje (1st Ladies Overflow). She and Dagfinn placed 3rd/4th in the Doubles events at the 2023 Merit Middle East Grand Prix Invitational tournament and 3rd/4th in the 2023 Skopje Open Doubles.


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