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Palm Beach Buzzing with Backgammon

Backgammon is back! In the heyday of backgammon fifty years ago Palm Beach was the place to be. Today Palm Beach backgammon is experiencing a resurgence with exclusive clubs, elite restaurants, and elegant women. This week saw backgammon enthusiasts out in force. The Palm Beach Backgammon Club chaired by Michelle Rogers drew 50 players to Backgammon and Happy Hour at Restaurant 44 an extraordinary Palm Beach restaurant at 44 Cocoanut Row. It’s a clubby, white-tablecloth restaurant featuring classic and innovative dishes using fresh, locally sourced ingredients prepared by acclaimed Executive Chef Sam Norwood. As Palm Beach Post restaurant critic said: “I love returning to places that welcome you warmly and treat you like a cherished family member.” Whether it’s fine food, warm hospitality, or the infectious enthusiasm of Michelle, backgammon over cocktails and wine followed by gourmet dining is a winning combination among the Palm Beach set. To top off the week, one of Palm Beach’s most exclusive clubs, held a Pro-Am, Member-Guest doubles tournament, hosted by Jason Briggs, a driving force behind the growth of backgammon in Palm Beach. He brought in American Backgammon Hall of Famer Steve Sax from Los Angeles who teamed up with Mary Jean Gulden to win the Pro-Am tournament. Another Hall of Famer and director of the Sunny Florida Backgammon Club, Karen Davis, joined with Jason’s club backgammon committee co-chair, Lisa Speer, to finish second. In all 8 teams competed in the Pro-Am event and 8 in the Member-Guest event – with 24 men and 8 women making up the 16 teams.

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