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Maggie Diamantidis, 2023 Women’s World Champion

Maggie Diamantidis, the first winner of the newly renamed Women’s World Championship in Monte Carlo, Monaco, is a relative unknown in backgammon circles, but not new to the game. She has competed in the Merit Open in Northern Cyprus, as well as major U.S. tournaments such as the Los Angels Open under her maiden name Maggie Donnell.

Since moving to Greece a couple of years ago with her husband Tony, she and Tony have graciously opened their home named Margaritaville on the coast of Athens to backgammon players visiting Greece, viewing it as a backgammon play place where players can socialize, play first-rate backgammon, and enjoy warm companionship. Art Benjamin, noted mathemagician and world-class backgammon player, performed his magic show at a toga party for an enchanted gathering at their home in 2022 before the Merit Open in North Cyprus.

Maggie grew up in Wisconsin, and met Tony in 1990 when he was visiting on a business venture with the University of Wisconsin where she was a graduate student. They married shortly afterwards in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, and raised their family in the San Francisco area. They have four lovely daughters (Katy, Hilary, Mary (manager of their business), and Sophia St. Helen (a singer and songwriter), two sons (John a pilot for United Airlines) and Tom, a pilot in training as well as stage performer extraordinaire, two granddaughters (Juliet and Clare), and a grandson on the way. Tony is Senior Director, Chemical Safety Software, a privately-held firm that provides Environmental Management Systems software and customized solutions and consulting services.


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