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Livestream of US Women’s Natl. Online Championship ft. Antoinette Marie Williams & Leyla Zaloutskaya

After a long journey, Karen Davis, Tiffany Van, Antoinette-Marie Williams, and Leyla Zaloutskaya have reached the semi-finals of the 2023 U.S. Women’s National Online Championship. Thirty-two women competed in the Americas Regional Qualifier of the World Backgammon Internet Federation (WBIF). The top 16, based on win-loss record and Performance Rating (PR), qualified to compete in the U.S. Championship event. The format of the semi-final matches is best two out of three 11-point matches, with two points awarded for wins and one point for the better PR. Not surprisingly, this semi-final match between Antoinette and Leyla went the distance. Both have significant live tournament achievements. Antoinette won the 2019 Ladies Event at the Backgammon World Championship in Monte Carlo and the 2017 Texas State Championship. Leyla won the 2023 5th Merit Open Montenegro Grand Prix Ladies Prize in the Masters Division and the Cherry Blossom Backgammon.Winning.Women (BWW) Cup in April 2023. She was a finalist in the 2017 Texas State Championship against Antoinette and a finalist in the 2016 Bristol Open against Grandmaster Sebastian Wilkinson. BWW is a sponsor of the U.S. Women’s National Online Championship, donating $500 to the prize pool.


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