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Learning Series Doubles Match: Cecilia Sparke Rogers & Julia Hayward vs. Karen Davis

The February installment of the Women in Backgammon Learning Series featured a doubles match between two leading UK women players, Cecilia Sparke Rogers & Julia Hayward and two leading US women players, Karen Davis & Irina Litzenberger. It was a mini-rematch of the Genud Cup, a biennial event pitting the UK women’s backgammon team against the US women’s team. The captains of the teams and most valuable players from the 2022 Genud Cup comprised the teams. The US team won this event, as it did the Genud Cup, but the UK team attained the best Performance Rating based on the eXtreme Gammon analysis of the match. Chris Bray, renowned British author and superb teacher provided insightful commentary, with input from Kit Woolsey and Marty Storer.

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