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Analyzing Your XG Match Files: Part 2 -- Improving Your Checker Play

Want to make a giant leap in your backgammon game? Check out this video where Julius High shares tools he developed to help Intermediate players improve their checker play. Julius directs Novice Workshops and Events on the American Backgammon Tour. Key to getting better? Count the number of crossovers it will take to get your checkers into your Home Board compared to your opponent. If you’re ahead in the race, race! If you’re behind, stay back! And when you’re ahead, clean up your blots and reduce the chances of getting hit and sent back to the starting point. Big takeaway? Take the time to figure out where you stand in the race. Backgammon. Winning. Women. sponsored the recording and transcription of matches of women’s events at American Backgammon Tour events and supplied women entrants with copies of their XG match files.


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