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WWB Mixed Doubles Tournament: Dagfinn Snarheim & Marianne Husum vs  Sue Keeble & Martin Barkwill

WWB Mixed Doubles Tournament: Dagfinn Snarheim & Marianne Husum vs Sue Keeble & Martin Barkwill

Watch World Class performances by top teams from Norway and the UK participating in the Women’s World of Backgammon Mixed Doubles tournament. Both teams had no cube errors – despite the cube soaring to the 8-level in a 9-point match won by the Norwegian team of Dagfinn Snarheim and Marianne Husum. With their win, Snarheim-Husum will advance to the Round of 16. This match featured Dagfinn Snarheim and Marianne Husum from Norway playing against Sue Keeble and Martin Barkwill from the U.K. Dagfinn is a Grandmaster (G1) and Giant of Backgammon (#26). He captured international attention in the 2023 Ultimate Backgammon Contender, finishing tied for 3rd with Dirk Schiemann, with Mochy Mochizuki and Zdenek Zizka finishing 1st/2nd.He went on to tie for 10th in the 2023 Backgammon World Championship, and 3rd in the BWC Super Jackpot. A week ago he finished 3rd in the Nordic Open Super Jackpot. Earlier in the year he finished 3rd in the Gibraltar Super Jackpot. Marianne has her share of recent victories finishing tied for 4th/5th in the Advanced division of the 2024 Nordic Open and 2nd in the Intermediate division of the 2023 Gibraltar Championship. In 2022 she finished 4th in the Backgammon World Championship Intermediate division. She and Dagfinn won the Consultation Doubles at Skopje, North Macedonia in 2023, and finished tied for 3rd in the 2024 Merit Middle East Grand Prix Consultation Doubles. Martin Barkwill is known for his fantastic photos and tournament news reports for the UK Backgammon Federation and the PrimeTime Backgammon quarterly magazine of the US Backgammon Federation. He finished third in the 2024 New York Metropolitan Open with 182 entrants including buy-backs and tied for 7th in the 2023 Oasis tournament in Dubai. In 2022 he finished third in Mochy’s Proficiency Test at the Swedish Open and finished 2nd in the DMP event with 128 entrants, and 3rd in Last Chance in the Championship division.  In 2022 he played on the third-place UK team in the WBGF World Team Championship in Venice. #backgammon #backgammontournament #backgammonplayers

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