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WWB Ten Burning Questions Series; Hanna Polyakova

Ah, the wisdom of women sharing what works for us in doing anything well. The interview features the teen backgammon sensation from Russia, Hanna Polyakova. It is available on our YouTube channel. Some of Hanna's answers will surprise you, some will teach you, and some will entertain you. Her passion and commitment will inspire you. We hope you will watch Hanna's interview and forward it to your friends.

Hanna is a rising star in the backgammon world, known for her clever YouTube channel and, more importantly, for her ferocious commitment to learning the game. She bemoans a 7 PR during her interview, sharing she is hoping for a 4. You will find her focus in all things to be admirable, and her start, which was in chess, is never a surprise for a backgammon player.

CORRECTION: Christine mentions that chess will be played in the Olympics. It will NOT be played in this year's Olympics but has been designated as an Olympic sport.


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