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Women in the Winner’s Circle At the 2022 California State Championship

The California State tournament producer Candace Mayeron put on a great show at the Los Angeles Hilton December 8-11, 2022!

Alice Kay won the Wonder Woman event sponsored by Women in Backgammon. She generously gave the Women in Backgammon board to finalist Molly Anderson, while claiming the added money contributed to the event by Women in Backgammon. Eleven women competed in the event.

Kara Schultz, winner of the 2022 NY Metro Lady Liberty Cup, continued her winning ways, finishing third in the Championship division of the tournament. Just a short five years ago she won the Novice event at the 2018 California State tournament, and has since skyrocketed to the top.

Results compiled by Carol Joy Cole for the website are shown below.


December 8-11, 2022; Los Angeles, California

ABT OPEN (58+30 rebuys): 1-Ted Chee, 2-Herb Roman (IL), 3-Kara Schultz, 4/5-Frank Frigo / Jake Jacobs (AZ); 1C-Marty Storer (NH), 2C-Kimon Papachristopoulos (Germany), 3C/4C-Mario Savan / Robert Virnig.

WONDER WOMEN JACKPOT (11): 1-Alice Kay, 2-Molly Anderson (WA).


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