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Livestream of the WBIF Women’s World Championship Final Match with Kara Schultz & Maya Peycheva

Watch this exciting final match of the 2023 World Backgammon Internet Federation Women’s World Championship between Kara Schultz from the U.S. and Maya Peycheva from Bulgaria. Two popular commentators, Kent Goulding, American Backgammon Hall of Fame honoree, and Roberto Litzenberger, co-director of the new BMAB-USA Player’s Cup Circuit, provide insightful real-time commentary. After a grueling 13 rounds of play, Maya and Kara now face off in a 13-point final match. Both finalists are world-class players. Maya achieved Master Class 3 status in the Backgammon Awarding Body this year. Kara recently won the Paul Dingell Amateur Jackpot at the California State Championships in December. The Women's World of Backgammon (WWB) is a sponsor of the WBIF Women's World Championship donating 500 Euros to the prize pool.


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