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Complete Wrap-Up of the Final Match of the U.S. Online Women’s Championship 2022

Mary Morse (TX) won the 2022 U.S. Online Women’s Championship in the final against Irina Litzenberger (VA) on Tuesday, November 29! Karen Davis (FL) and Kara Schultz (CA) were semi-finalists.

Congratulations to Mary and to all the players who competed in tough matches

along the way.

Watch the final match between Mary and Irina here:

The event was held in conjunction with the first Women’s World Online Championship. Four U.S. players qualified for the playoffs through their performance in the worldwide event: The four women from the US who went the furthest in the World competition qualified to compete in a playoff for the USA Online Women’s Championship title. In the case of ties, composite Performance Rating was used as the tie-breaker.  Karen Davis and Kara Schultz advanced the furthest in the world competition (8th-12th). Irina Litzenberger, Mary Morse, Marcy Kossar, and Teri Harmon advanced to 13th – 18th. Best Performance Ratings for all matches in the Americas Regional Qualifier and the world competition were Karen; 6.2; Irina, 6.4; Kara 6.9; and Mary 7.8 (lower is better).

Watch the two semi-final rounds below or on our YouTube channel.

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