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Women Take Center Stage in LA

Women starred at the 46th Los Angeles Backgammon Open held June 7-11 at the Los Angeles Airport Hilton. Candace Mayeron produced the fabulous event.

Marjie Harbrecht from Colorado won the Advanced division in a field of 56 entrants. It was her first major win culminating from intensive study.

Leslie Lockett from Chicago also had a great event. She recently made the decision to return to playing in the Championship division and was rewarded with winning 4th/5th in a tough field of 80 entrants! She won the LA Doubles with grandmaster Kit Woolsey in a field of 16 teams. An all-woman team from California – Gigi Goyette-Jeffers and Vera Holley finished in second place.

Kara Schultz from San Diego made her mark as well, finishing tied for 3rd/4th in the Paul Dingwell Amateur Jackpot against 40 entrants. She topped that performance by winning the Wonder Woman event, with Lynda Clay in second place.

ABT - 46th LOS ANGELES BACKGAMMON OPEN (preliminary results) June 7-11, 2023; Los Angeles, California

ABT OPEN (52+28 rebuys): 1-Marty Storer (NH), 2-Alex Farzan (CA), 3-Jim Thinnsen (CA), 4/5-Victor Ashkenazi (NJ) / Leslie Lockett (IL); 1C-Neil Kazaross (IL), 2C-Ted Chee (CA), 3C/4C-Long Nguyen (CA) / Ian Terry (TX).

ABT ADVANCED (38+18 rebuys): 1-Marjie Harbrecht (CO), 2-Michael Vosgueritchian (CA), 3-Larry Saltzman (CA); 1C-Armen Buniatyan (CA), 2C-Elliot Landaw (CA), 3C/4C-Patrick Enright (WA) / Gor Gevorgyan (CA).

INTERMEDIATE (17): 1-John Banks (CA), 2-Clifford Johnston (CA); 1C-Byrne Larsen (NM), 2C-Mert Demiral (CA).

BOB GLASS MASTERS JACKPOT (28): 1-Steve Sax (CA), 2-Todd Crosner (AZ), 3/4-Fred Chamanara (IL) / Marty Storer (NH).

PAUL DINGWELL AMATEUR JACKPOT (40): 1-Michael Vosgueritchian (CA), 2-Robert Virnig (CA), 3/4-Michael Ramsey (CA) / Kara Schultz (CA), 5-Patrick Keene (CA).

BMAB-USA LOS ANGELES (22): 1-William Reeves (CO), 2/4-Alex Eshagian (CA) / Marty Storer (NH) / Paul Swain (WA).

SENIORS-I (32): 1-Arnold Freeman (CA), 2-John Banks (CA), 3/4-Odis Chenault (CA) / John Pirner (MN).

SENIORS-II (32): 1-Dan Minardi (CO), 2-Steve Nelson (Hong Kong), 3/4-Herb Roman (IL) / John Skratula (CA).

JUNIORS (32): 1-Artem Abrahamyan (CA), 2-Paul Swain (WA), 3/4-Gor Gevorgyan (CA) / Tommy Tallarico (CA).

PRO-AM DOUBLES (16 teams): 1-Leslie Lockett (IL) & Kit Woolsey (CA), 2-Gigi Goyette (CA) & Vera Holley (CA).

WONDER WOMAN'S JACKPOT (13): 1-Kara Schultz (CA), 2-Lynda Clay (CO).

SPEEDGAMMON (32): 1-Arnold Freeman (CA), 2-Victor Ashkenazi (NJ).

DMP (48): 1/4-tie: Vince Amparan (CA) / Tommy Tallarico (CA) / Martin Thurman (CA) / split-Stepan Nuniyants (WA) / Tommy Tallarico (CA).

BLITZ (84): 1/2-Lynda Clay (CO) / Steve Nelson (Hong Kong), 3/4-Ted Chee (CA) / Bill Chibnik (IL).


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