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Livestream of The WBIF Online Women's World Championship featuring Leyla Zaloutskaya & Kara Schultz

After a grueling dozen rounds of play, three women—Maya Peycheva (Bulgaria), Kara Schultz (USA), and Leyla Zaloutskaya (USA)—have reached the semi-finals of the World Backgammon Internet Federation (WBIF) Women’s World Championship! Ninety-four women started the journey, first playing in one of three Regional Qualifiers, and then qualifying for the World event by their win-loss record and/or Performance Rating (PR) in the Regional Qualifiers.

In this exciting semi-final match, the two American women, Kara and Leyla, continue the battle for the title of WBIF World Women’s Champion. Both have emerged at the top of USA women players in just a few short years through dedicated study and unparalleled talent. They both have significant live tournament achievements. Kara recently won the Paul Dingell Amateur Jackpot at the California State Championships in December 2023, and Leyla won the 2023 Cherry Blossom Backgammon.Winning.Women (BWW) Cup in April 2023. BWW is a sponsor of the WBIF Women’s World Championship, donating 500 Euros to the prize pool.

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